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  District 209 strategic initiatives are built on 4 Cornerstones.
These cornerstones represent the four groups who have the critical responsibilities for achieving the District mission, vision, and goals: the Proviso Team members (faculty, administrators, staff), the Students, the Parents, and the Community.

To begin and sustain Proviso’s journey toward excellence, the success or failure of each group is entirely dependent on the success or failure of the other three. Students cannot realize their potential without support from Parents, Educators, and the Community. Parents can't realize their goals for their children to receive a quality education without a quality Team at Proviso. The Community cannot boost its economic development, improve its image, and elevate its property values unless Student achievement rises at the high schools. The Proviso Team cannot succeed without engaged Students, involved Parents, and a supportive Community.

Each Cornerstone group has its set of major Challenges, required Changes, necessary Commitments, and motivating Opportunities.

The combined strength built by the people and processes contained in these 4 Cornerstones can historically transform the district, each high school, all students, the Communities served, and all members of the Proviso family.