No Opt-Out Assignments

Instructions for Assigning Students to
No Opt-Out Intervention

Please follow the steps shown below to assign students to No Opt-Out Intervention

A student who is in danger of failing primarily due to non-completed or poorly completed assignments may be identified by the teacher for No Opt-Out Intervention. Students will be required to complete the missing assignments to the satisfaction of the teacher to be removed from No Opt-Out Interventions.

  1. Meet with the student and provide them with the No Opt-Out Assignment Form. The student should receive the top copy for their information and to use a pass when attending No Opt-Out intervention. Copies of the form are available in the Main Office.

  2. Enter the information for the student on the online No Opt-Out entry screen. Links for each school may be found below. This will be used for monitoring student completion of No Opt-Out.

  3. Contact the parents to let them know their student has been assigned to No Opt-Out.

  4. When the student completes the assignment, indicate the completion on the No Opt-Out Assignment Form and submit a copy to the Main Office. The student will no longer be required to attend No Opt-Out intervention for that particular assignment.

  5. If the student does not complete the assignment by the specified due date, indicate the non-completion on the No Opt-Out Assignment Form and submit a copy to the Main Office. Arrangements will be made for a meeting with the student, his/her parents, and the counselor.

Reminder: Students may not engage in the No Opt-Out intervention during the final two weeks of each semester.

Proviso East

Proviso East No Opt-Out Entry Screen

Proviso Math and Science Academy

PMSA No Opt-Out Entry Screen


Proviso West

Proviso West No Opt-Out Entry Screen

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